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collection femme boheme francaise

Rhum Raisin is a French "designer" brand founded in 1999 by Stéphanie

The story begins in the south of France near Aix, a typical village in Provence: Pélissanne, where Stéphanie is from.

This creator has kept her childlike soul and was inspired by Sarah Kay's albums at the beginning. Between frills, embroidery and prints, the DNA of Stéphanie's collections is the joy of living. This timeless wardrobe is dedicated to romantic, feminine and joyful women who dare to show their originality. Ruffles and bucolic details are her trademark, cotton and tulle her best friends. The silhouettes are elaborated by playing on superimpositions; You just have to move a piece to create a different look.

A whole bohemian spirit with soft and sometimes shimmering tones that adapt to all ages and all body types. Between long skirts with frills, romantic tunics with frills and long dresses, you will have plenty to choose from...

Be seduced by this brand that smells of the south, you will always be a little on vacation !!!